P4 Warehouse

Optimise your warehouse with P4W 

P4 Warehouse is an all-in-one WMS (warehouse management system)  
 that provides warehouse operators with full visibility and control.

Serve Your Customers

Build a 3PL that customers love. Let us handle the technology so you can focus on delivering excellent service for your customers whatever, wherever, and however they sell. Provide your customers with all the tools they need to grow, so you can grow and scale together.

Get customers up and running quickly with pre-built integrations to systems they’re already using.
Help your customers make better business decisions with inventory-driven data and custom reporting.
Gain access to unlimited P4 Warehouse Support to provide you and your customers with expert help and best practices.

Inbound Operations

Prepare warehouse for incoming goods. Label & identify each item as they arrive in the warehouse.

Outbound Operations

Handle the movement of items from receiving to shipping. Pack & Ship, get warehouse materials & products out the door.

Order Management

Control the flow of a product. Automatically order parts or products that routinely need re-supply.

Multi-location Tracking

View your inventory levels in real-time at multiple warehouses.

Pick, Pack & Ship

Increase the accuracy of your picks. Streamline your picking, fulfillment & shipping processes and deliver error-free orders.

Receive & Putaway

Fasten the movement of received goods from shipping dock to your storage location. Receive it, process it and put it away.

KPI Analysis

Highlight areas that could use improvement. Collect high-quality data to make changes in key business processes.

Advanced Routing

Manage inventory per location and route your orders to the correct location at a click of a button.

3PL Operators

P4 Warehouse: A Single 3PL Software Solution to Run Your Entire Business
Because third-party logistics businesses offer such a broad array of services, the key to success is streamlining operations to gain total, end-to-end visibility and control.

As a complete solution for operations, tracking, connectivity, customer service, and compliance all in a single system,P4 Warehouse is the ideal management solution for 3PLs to run every part of the business efficiently. P4 Warehouse provides an integrated tool to enable 3PLs to fulfill orders, track inventory, manage warehousing, coordinate shipping and billing, and so much more! 

Single Warehouse or Multi Warehouse

P4 Warehouse is a modern WMS, designed for best practices and ease of use! Rather you have one warehouse or various warehouses P4 Warehouse has you covered. With modern architecture P4 Warehouse runs on today's hardware. Historically Warehouse systems use telnet for the mobile devices, P4 Warehouse uses a true native Android application.


P4 Warehouse is built to drive the processes of the warehouse, however there is also an educational mode for trade schools and technical schools to teach student the way to work in a modern day warehouse. 

Modern fast warehouse management system!
Barrdega Sistemas is the region's leading provider of software and hardware solutions for the Supply Chain.
Our team of consultants, experts in logistics and technology, is the largest in Latin America, we have implemented projects for Supply Chain (WMS) in Latin America, United States, New Zealand, Canada and the Caribbean with more success than any other supplier. in the region, completing more than 125 implementations in more than 12 countries.

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