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 P4 Warehouse streamlines
warehouse operations by optimizing  inventory and order management, picking , shipping and returns.

Warehouse operators are continuously challenged with
increasing throughput and employee efficiency to fulfill
and ship more merchandise without increasing cost. A
strong warehouse management software like P4 Warehouse
provides Enterprise-grade benefits and advantages, regardless of your existing size and infrastructure.

The flexible structure of P4 Warehouse 
ensures that your business logic and processes can be
boosted to sync up and integrate into your overall demands
within an enterprise resource planning (ERP) infrastructure.
With complete end-to-end control, monitoring and
company-wide inventory visibility, your company will
be prepared for on demand sourcing and fulfillment
strategies that meet the extremes brought on by
peak seasons, promotion and new product launches.
P4 Warehouse application ensures that you take advantage
of all of your building, hardware,  inventory and human assets to cost effectively meet the intense market demands of the new express 
fulfillment model for improving order to cash. 

  1. Fast modern warehouse management system designed with today's technology.
  2. Cloud Hosted: P4 Warehouse is a cloud hosted WMS, you do not need an IT team to keep your WMS up and running at top speed. P4 Warehouse is hosted and maintained in the cloud. Database backups are available for download every 12 hours. 
  3. Cloud Printing - with P4 Warehouse you can print from anywhere in the world to your warehouse. Easy to setup, no maintenance required.
  4. Batch Picking - P4 Warehouse is designed for speed, send out your orders in batches to be picked with one walk through the warehouse. 
  5. Batch Receiving - P4 Warehouse is designed for speed, if you are receiving container with multiple purchase orders... no problem P4 Warehouse is designed to manage this with ease. 
  6. RMA Returns - An RMA can be generated manually or you can match the RMA to previously shipped orders. With Order matching you can be sure you only receive product that was previously shipped to your client.
  7. Complex Products - P4 Warehouse can handle any type of products from decimal (kg,lb,feet,inches,cm, meters) to multi-pack-sizes  (unit,inner pack, outer pack, layer, pallet) All attributes like Lot, Serial, Expiration are supported. 
  8. Product Substitution -  Need to convert from pounds to units or from unit to pounds? P4 Warehouse has this functionality built in. 
  9. Small Partial Shipping - P4 Warehouse has small partial shipping built in, so if you need to use FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS and many others this functionality is right inside your WMS. What to ship with the cheapest of 3 carries that still meet your service level... easy to do just click the button in P4 Warehouse to ship the cheapest! A record of all shipping cost is captured in case you want to bill your client or reconcile your carrier invoices. (Carrier charges are the clients responsibility.)
  10. Restful API - P4 Warehouse has a restful API to manage integrations to other systems. Out of the box P4 Warehouse offers pre-built interfaces to SAP B1 v9.3 or greater, Shopify, WooCommerce.
  11. International - P4 Warehouse is designed from the start to be a international system for managing warehouses and distribution centers. Multi-Language is fully supported in all aspects of the system. 
  12. Photo Proof - Occasionally you need proof a product was damaged on delivery, with P4 Warehouse this functionality is built into the Mobile scanning device. Take the photo of the damaged product and automatically attach this to the Purchase Order. No more downloading from a camera or spending hour looking for an old photo... P4 Warehouse also captures photos on shipping and on delivery. (delivery photos depend on the product shipping on the warehouses vehicle)
  13. Shipping - Need to be sure you are shipping the correct product and the correct quantities? With P4 Warehouse count on ship function you can require the shipping dock to scan and count the different products prior to shipping as a double check you are shipping the products and quantities your client requested. Inside this process you can also require the shipper to sign the order, with built in signature capture.
  14. Delivery -  Delivering with your own trucks? P4 Warehouse goes outside the 4 walls. With P4 Warehouse you can confirm the count of the products being delivered as well as require a customers signature. 
  15. Order Staging - Need to pick orders for shipments going out at a later date? With P4 Warehouse this is not a problem, we use order staging to allow you to pick the order then put the picked order into storage for shipping on a different day. 
  16. Cartonization - The ability for the WMS to decide what product goes in each box, based on cubage and weight. This function provides the required functionality for compliance shipping.
  17. WIP - Work in Progress will keep you informed of the stage of production the order is in at any given moment!

Cloud Server

P4 Warehouse runs in the cloud, so no servers are Microsoft licenses to buy.

Adroid Ready

P4 Warehouse runs on a native android app, the days of your WMS needing Telnet are now gone!

Outside the 4 walls

P4 Warehouse is not only an fully integrated 3PL WMS solution, we handle small partial shipping , LTL and Truckload for you. 

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